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Pay Per Call Lead Routing

Precise Leads. Qualified Buyers.

Our expert agents meticulously screen each lead with qualifying questions and a streamlined process that not only saves you time, but enhances the overall quality of your potential customers who are interested and ready. Because we know every call counts—and every connection is an opportunity.

Grow Your Revenue

Deliver only interested and qualified leads to your sales team.

Agent Access

Work directly with your assigned agents and supervisors to get real time feedback on your campaign.

Crafted Caller Journeys

Assign leads through automated, rules-based routing.

Inbound phone calls, convert 15 times more frequently than IB web leads. In short; phone calls are better.

We are experts in maximizing high intent, co-reg, or aged opt in leads.

Fixed costs to lead qualifying

Getting the maximum return on your cost per lead can be the most challenging part of your campaign. Utilizing a number strategies, including cross-selling, down-selling, and the use of advanced call routing technology, we ensure each lead is directed to the most suitable recipient. Then, we dive deeper with additional qualifications, identifying further monetization opportunities. This means we’re not just capturing leads—we’re fully unlocking their value.

Improve, Automate, Scale, and Optimize

Expand your marketing and distribution channel.

Qualified Leads

Only pay marketing costs for qualified generated sales.

Multi-Channel Call Attribution

Online and offline campaigns maximize your lead generation.

Let's Connect

We're excited to hear from you—and more excited to see how we can help your business.

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